Here at Creatio Ex Nihilo we understand that just as every picture is unique in it's own way so are our clients wishes. We hope that we are able to cater to those differences by offering you the option to email us your own picture and create a gift that is unique to you!


If you have a child and would like to have their picture (or mum's/dad's) printed onto a jigsaw puzzle for them to play with, we can do it! Just email your picture to our team and we will place the picture in a locked gallery which only you will have access to. From there you will be able to choose from the 'jigsaw puzzle' options as well as many others. Maybe it could be your favourite place? Any picture can be transformed into a puzzle in just a few simple steps!


Do you have a budding chef in the family? If so, why not have them take a picture of their favourite dish and email it to our team that will then guide you through the process of uploading and accessing the picture to create totally unique items that your loved one will adore, such as printed cooking aprons, cutting boards, place mats and many more!


Here is how it works:

You email our team your picture (higher resolution images are needed for bigger pictures).

We then post your picture into a locked gallery and email you the gallery name and password.

You login to your gallery and create your order by simply choosing whichever item you want the picture printing on!